Work in progress and/or not yet produced:

•Nowhere Man - Short film (dark comedy) (currently in production, UK)
Kohinoor + A Call to London - Feature length screenplay + TV series (drama) for a BAFTA-nominated director (UK/India)
Creolia - Feature length screenplay (animated musical for children) for a Grammy-nominated MD (UK)
We Want Billy Young - Feature length screenplay (rock musical) for an LA-based artist (US)
Emancipation - TV series (thriller; novel adaptation) (US)
The Unveiling - Feature length screenplay (sci-fi action thriller) (US)
The Portrait - Short film (thriller) for an international contest (China; produced but not yet released)
Stretch - TV series (drama) for a production company (US/Uganda)
The Signal - Feature length screenplay (sci-fi thriller) for a production company (US)
• AsapSCIENCE - Youtube channel with 10 million subscribers (Canada)
• Greenfunder - videos for a sustainability company (Netherlands)
• Fumzy and Friends - Series and a live show (animated educational videos) for a production (Africa)
• Cubcoats - Animated series (promotional purpose) (US)
• KIRA - fulldome show for Softmachine (Germany)
Energy - promo for a game app (US)
Lower Depths - mini series (sci-fi) (US)
The Airs Above - Short film for a production (New Zealand)
Marjahi tu Marjahi - Short film (drama) (India/US)
A Woman Out Of Time - Feature length rewrite (romantic drama) (US)
Bumpits - Short film (horror) (US)
•Change - Short film (drama) (US)
•Chained Soul - trailer for a game (Italy)
•Cybrarium - interview script (US)
•Solitude + Destitute - Two shorts for a producer (UK)
•Soap - Short film (animation) for a director (US)
•Scootergirl International - Episode for a mini series (US)
•Nine Unknown Spies - Mini series (thriller/action) (US)
•The Ming Explorers - Short film (animated, adventure) (US)
•Sexy Stilettos - Reality TV show (US)
•Trio for Four Voices - Short film based on a short story (drama/thriller) (UK)
•AJS Dance - Live show (UK)
•No More Wine - Pilot (drama) (UK)
... and more

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