When I get the strength to look up
It’s only blackness of the sky
And it’s raining through my skin
Taking me back to all I’ve seen

I lost my face in the silence
Threatened by my own darkness
I kept on crawling through days
Holding onto betrayed ways

Still searching for a lifesaver
But my mouth’s got no flavor
The harder I push, I break
I can’t tell when I’m awake

Falling in you, I’m screaming
For the lost memories
Still falling on my knees
For someone to see me
Just another scream so far away
Hushed by rich men putting on a show
We can hide for one more day
But what are we doing about tomorrow?

Every day another crime in frame
No one listens to the world below
Chasing power, chasing fame
But what are doing about tomorrow?

Oh, I don’t wanna close my eyes
Be another number hypnotized
Be the salesman of the wise
Waiting for tomorrow
I don’t wanna fly away
Be another coward in display
Be the face that only prays
On freeways
A little silhouette behind the wall you’ve built
To screen yourself from reality
But I wonder still are you suffering
Or do you find it pure to feel misunderstood

I’ll grow some wings
And take you to heights
Where there’s no strings
Attached to your light

Somewhere along those lines
You felt you needed loneliness
A sip of comfort in the pity party
And you’re lost in Bacardi
Wondering what’s the cost
Of another page being tossed

Let me breathe you some of tomorrow
And relieve you of the all-nighter
I believe your eyes that are hungry for more
And I know you believe there’s always another door
Looking through horizon for myself
Checking all the lights of this hotel
Tryin’ to find the one to lead me out
There is something more than this old doubt

Counting all the words that I misspelled
Letting go of reasons so long held
I can see the time taking away
And I don’t want to stay like a street stray

Stepping out the window cell
I have drawn a parallel
Finding who I really am
Seeking what I can portray

This is my becoming, out of frame
Now I have to leave you far behind
Knowing I will never feel the same
But I cannot live behind the blinds
Oh, I have to get out of the frame
Knowing you will never see my side
Nothing bad has happened, nothing’s changed
That is why I have to catch a ride

Years have passed in only standing still
Next all these walls that kill the thrill
And our touch’s turned into a habit
Don’t you see the sun, I have to grab it

Take me one last time and let me go
I have to find myself and let you go
There's a fire line
On a day before Sunday
Tried to die but I saw you
Found your name
And a never known feeling
Tried to die but I saw you
9 am, waking just the same
Can't recall which day is now to blame
10 am, showered in a blue
Realise, no, nothing's in my eyes

1 pm, drowning in my breath
Realised where it all went wrong
5 pm, is it five or eight
Cannot think, no, cannot think tonight
But midnight is time
Of tales breaking down
And castle falls to ground
The fog comes around
But midnight is time
When all the people blink
Midnight is time
I’ve been walking in boots too small
I’ve been climbing a hill too tall
I need some wheels

Down by a long run of a rain soaked sky
I guess the road sign got turned and I can’t find
I need some wheels

Don’t breathe this town, I need to run
A 2 dollar ticket and no one won
Looking for freedom can make you numb
I'm waiting on you to get some wheels

I’ve crawled by your shoes, the floor wet of age
I’ve met my muse, touched the outside of her cage
She needs some wheels

Time goes by, I’ve known this route
Never worried why till the wind went mute
On the cheapest train
Oh I'm blaming the rain
All that I have held important
Doesn’t matter here
On my chest, the only constant
Your breath so sincere
When you find me lying on the floor
You come keep me warm
When my eyes keep asking you for more
You make sure I’m whole
Open your arms
Here is my world
Closer to the truth
Falling angels 
Broken reasons
Bring me to you
Never thought that I would meet you
Searching for myself
I don’t know how I will get through
But I know I’m safe
You still find me frozen in the past
Yet you keep me warm
When I’m doubting all that’s here to last
You make sure I’m whole
The curtain touches the ground
A movie without a sound
I see myself being found, yeah

We’re two parts of the same story
Drawn back to the city of lights
Discovering love in our hearts, yeah 

I’m meeting myself
That character, a narrator of lights
I’ll walk with you
Through plots and falls
I’ll love with you
For a silent applause 

There’s so much that I carry inside
Where my footsteps and my thoughts collide
I have these lines in my head, my guide, yeah

Been given all these dreams to rise
And I wanna share my soul with you
Cause we find ourselves in these lights, yeah

The curtain falls, our faces show for what they are
In these lights
I’ll show myself in someone else, I’ll love through you 
Through these lights
Walking by myself to our home
Just like nothing has changed at all

But you keep heading out without me in your mind
I know I’ve done us wrong, we need to unwind

Take my hand, have my heart
I’ll be what I promised to be
Take my soul, have it all
I’m not used to feeling complete

I’m cleaning the mess of breakups
Breaking down walls that you put up

I’m screaming, you’re blaming, I’m falling for another night
I’m with you, without you, I feel you slipping away so just…
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